Registration Forms


Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child(ren) in Religious Education at Holy Family! Please read the following information on how to enroll.

For New Registrants:

If you are registering your child(ren) for the first time this information is for you. Firstly, welcome! We are delighted that you have decided to participate in Religious Education at Holy Family and we excited to meet you in person.

Below we have attached the new registrant packet. It is a pdf document with 9 pages. Please print this document out at home and fill out all the necessary fields. Once you have completed the registration packet please return it to the RE Office either during business hours or by mail.  Feel free to stop by the Religious Education Office for a hard copy of the Registration packet!

RE New Family Registration 2019-2020

If you are re-enrolling please contact the RE Office or email the RE ministry assistant Megan at for your re-enrollment forms for the Religious Ed 2019-2020 year. Thank you for continuing to invite us to walk on this part of your family’s faith journey with you. We look forward to seeing you in September!


A special note about financial assistance: In keeping with our Holy Family belief that “All Are Welcome,” no one will be denied Religious Education due to an inability to pay. We offer payment plans and scholarships. If you would like more information about the options available to you please let at RE staff person know when you drop off your registration packet. Or, if you are mailing the packet to the Office, please include a note that you would like to know more and a staff person will contact you with additional information.

Instructions on filling out Registration Forms:

Page 1 (ivory sheet)

This page is for information about the child’s address, family information and emergency contact information. Please fill out all fields.

Please note: when choosing a person to be your emergency contact please make sure they (a) live locally (b) are aware they are your emergency contact and (c) are aware of any medical conditions/allergies/etc your child(ren) may have.

Page 2(ivory sheet)

This page is for information about the child.

This page is also where you select your child’s class time (either Sunday mornings or Wednesday afternoons). Please indicate the grade your child will be in THIS SEPTEMBER 2019, not the grade your child is currently in.

Please note: only register your child for Introduction to Faith if your child is in 3rd – 5th grade AND has not received the sacrament of 1st Eucharist (1st Communion). For more information please see our FAQ page.

Page 3-4 (green sheets)

This page is our photography release forms.

Page 5 (white sheet)

VIRTUS “Teaching Touching Safety” – The Job of ensuring children’s safety is a challenging undertaking. The prevention of child abuse requires more than adult awareness, education and training about the nature and scope. The Touching Safety Program lessons will be taught by a trained instructor and will take place during one class. As a parent you have the right to decide whether or not your child can take this class. Please complete this form.

6-7 (tan sheets)

All volunteers in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are required to read and sign the “Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Minors at Parish/School Activities or Events.” Please read the guidelines on page 5 and sign page 6.

Page 8 (blue sheet)

This page is our volunteer sign up sheet. Religious Education at Holy Family serves over three hundred children every week during the RE year (September – May). We appreciate your gifts of time and talent to building our vibrant RE community. Depending on which option you choose to volunteer for you will be contacted in advance with additional information and to confirm your interest.

Page 9 (golden sheet)

This page asks for health insurance information for your child. This information is invaluable in the extremely unlikely event that your child would require medical attention during RE and we are unable to contact you or your emergency contact.


You’re done! Please return this packet to the RE Office in person or mail it to us at:

Holy Family Church, ATTN: Religious Education, 1301 Rollin Street, South Pasadena, CA, 91030

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email the ministry assistant Megan at or call the office at 626-403-6118.