Creating a Prayer Space at home reminds everyone in your Domestic Church that prayer is an important part of everyday life.  ​A Prayer Space reminds us of God’s presence and helps to make a connection between church and home. 

HOW TO:   Pick a central corner of your home.  

INVOLVE YOUR CHILDREN: They can make pictures or homemade decoration, pick a favorite book, add a toy that holds meaning to them..  

BASIC ITEMS:  Candle, Cross, Bible, Statue, Rosary

SPECIAL DAYS ADD: Flowers, Book, Pottery, Pictures, Prayer Cards, Statues, Salt, Holy Water, Oil, a Branch of a tree or bush.

LITURGICAL OR HOLIDAY SEASONS add color:  Green for seasons of Epiphany and post-Pentecost (Ordinary Time) Blue or violet for Advent White for Christmas and Easter Purple for Lent Red for Pentecost.​