Have a Faith Filled Summer Part 2: Faithful Treats!

Cool Greetings!

This post is dedicated to suggesting awesome faith-inspired summer treats for you and your family to enjoy!

Pentecost Sundaes

The feast of Pentecost this year is on Sunday, May 31. We call Pentecost the “Birthday of the Church.” On Pentecost we remember when the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles and gave them the ability to communicate with people in different languages, thereby spreading the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus. One fun way to remember this special day at home is by making Pentecost Sundaes!

Basic Ingredients: ice-cream (vanilla is a great choice because it makes the red stand out) , strawberry syrup, “Dove” brand chocolates.

Additional ingredients: strawberries, red licorice, cinnamon “fire balls.”

We use the color red in these sundaes because red is the color of the Holy Spirit (symbolizes fire – like the “tongues of fire” that descended on the apostles) and we use “Dove” chocolates because the dove is another symbol of the Holy Spirit (ex: Jesus’ baptism).

Other great Pentecost-themed dessert options: angel food cake with strawberries on top, red velvet cake with dove chocolates on top

Consider a Pentecost Picnic with only red food!